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Embarrass Your Friends

Tales from Beyond the Point of Cheese

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This is a community for posting silly videos, pictures, sound bytes, and stories of friends' antics. Have fun. Lots of Fun.

Please post pictures behind an LJ-cut.

On Posting ...


Type <[a href="url"]>[Text or Image Code (see below) Here]<[/a]>
without the [s and ]s


There are a variety of free image hosting sites available. When choosing one, make sure they allow remote linking or "hot linking" or else your image will not show. Geocities does NOT allow remote linking. Here are a few that do.
and more at http://www.free-webhosts.com/free-image-hosting.php

Some of these sites provide tags for linking to or embedding images in webpages. If yours does not, type <[img src="image url"]> but do not include the [ and ]. To get the url I'd suggest clicking the picture to view it and copying the address from the address bar.

Videos and Audio:

There are also a few free video hosting sites available. These include:
http://www.putfile.com/ - also allows image and audio files

It is recommended that you link to videos and audio files. To get the url, click to watch the video (or listen to the audio) and then copy the contents of the url bar in your browser. Then follow the directions for posting links.